Who are Music Therapists

Music Therapists are individuals who complete an accredited Music Therapy programme. As credentials vary from country to country, the following are recognized: MTA (Canada), RMT (Australia), RMth (New Zealand), SRMT/HPC (U.K.), and MT-BC (U.S.A.). In addition, advanced certificates are earned by trained Music Therapists to practice specific methods or techniques. In particular, for Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), the CRMT website states: <http://www.colostate.edu/dept/cbrm/>

Completion of the NMT training allows the board-certified music therapist to practice and use the credential of NMT for three years.  This training is open to other students and professionals outside of the field of music therapy, however, completion of the NMT training does NOT allow one to practice outside their professional licensure-training certification. 

Only trained music therapists can deliver such specialised services e.g. NMT, upon completing the NMT training.


*To see AMTS’ professional registry, please see https://singaporemusictherapy.wordpress.com/online-registry-of-amts-professional-members/


Keen to become a Music Therapist?

Music Therapy training is currently unavailable in Singapore. However, do not despair. For now, please fill up this survey and consider overseas training, while we continue to make something happen in Singapore, hopefully soon…

Please visit these links for more info on MT for approved training programmes in :-

Australia: http://www.austmta.org.au/registration-and-training/accredited-courses/

Canada: http://www.musictherapy.ca/links.htm#training

Europe: http://emtc-eu.com/courses/

New Zealand: http://www.musictherapy.org.nz/training/

United States: http://www.musictherapy.org/careers/ctindex/

United Kingdom:  http://www.bamt.org/training-in-music-therapy.html


One thought on “Who are Music Therapists

  1. Hi, is music therapy still not available in Singapore today? I am interested to study it but would very much prefer to stay on the island…. thanks!

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