Music Therapy in the news

(10 Sep 2011) Special feature in the Straits Times: 9-11 ten years on – Building Religious Harmony with a Song

An interview with AMTS professional member Ng Wang Feng by ST correspondent Yen Feng. See * below for clarification.





*1. In March 2010, Ng was invited to submit an abstract for the Advanced Research Workshop organized by the NATO Security through Science Programme. The workshop title was “New Therapy Approaches in Countering the Negative Effects of Terrorism – Music Therapy against the Negative Effects of Terrorism.” Ng’s abstract was not accepted. She used her findings to publish this :

2. The Association for Music Therapy (Singapore) was formed in 2007 (stated correctly), with the objective of raising awareness of Music Therapy in the community and serve as an organizational base for locally-based music therapists. AMTS does NOT specifically advocate peace activism using music as stated. Music Therapy is an allied health profession wherein trained professional music therapists use music to help clients achieve therapeutic health goals. There are currently around 14 locally-based members in Singapore.

3. While none of the local music therapists have worked in detainee rehabilitation, music therapists in other countries may have done so. Music therapists have served survivors of  violence, including terrorist acts. For more details, please view this link:

Ng, W. F.  (Sep 2011)

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