Local Talks/Workshops/Seminars in Music Therapy

While we are working to make Music Therapy training happen in Singapore, hopefully soon, you may consider the following avenues to learn more about Music Therapy. Note that these workshops/seminars do NOT train participants to become music therapists or teach Music Therapy skills/techniques.  Music Therapy is a profession that requires degree level training.

1. For those who want to gain some tips on using music with children with special needs, email NAFA Continuing Education to indicate your interest  at continuingeducation@nafa.edu.sg  and visit this link for details:  http://www.nafa.edu.sg/CoursesAndDepartments/ContinuingEducation/PartTimeEnrichmentProgrammes.html

The next run has been postponed to the second half of 2013.

COURSE BRIEF: This 8 week course will be an overview of how music can be used with children with special needs. This is an experiential course targeted at allied health professionals (OTs, SLTs, PTs, etc), early childhood educators and special education teachers, who work with children with special needs, and who are interested in using music in their work. Participants need to have some music background as they will be expected to lead music activities. It is highly recommended that participants accompany themselves using a chosen instrument during the course. The workshop will not train participants to become music therapists or to practice music therapy, though it will briefly introduce what music therapy entails. The focus will be on theoretical underpinnings relevant to early childhood music education and development, with focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder and hearing impairment, as well as a brief look at selected syndromes. Participants are encouraged to test out their ideas and try new activities in this new learning environment.

2. AMTS’ annual Music Therapy Day in April (Sunday). Free and open to public. Venues vary. Please see blog for updates and details.

3. Talks/Seminars/Workshops by professional members of AMTS or invited Music Therapy Professors, organized by AMTS or by partners. Please see http://singaporemusictherapy.blogspot.sg/ for updates and details on upcoming MT Symposium 2012: Music Therapy and the Special Child.

4. Full-day workshop that provides an overview of the world of MT at Singapore General Hospital. Please see attached for registration information.


1-day MT workshop at SGH

5. Half-day seminar that provides an overview of MT at the Academy of Certified Counsellors (ACC). Please see: http://www.certifiedcounsellors.org/en/index.php/music-therapy-seminar