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The Association for Music Therapy (Singapore) AMTS was formed on 19/9/2007. This is the pioneering batch of 11 all-female professional Music Therapists who have helped make AMTS possible:

Audrey Ruyters, Patsy Tan, Chen Hsueh-lien, Ng Wang Feng (President), Loi Wei Ming (Treasurer), Clara Chong, Pamela Fisher, Melanie Kwan (Secretary), May Clulee, Tan Xueli and Daphne Phua.

As of October 2011, our total current membership is 24.

We are committed to educating the Singapore public about music therapy and clearing up misconceptions about the field. We also aim to serve as an organizational agency for locally-based Music Therapists.  We are keen to get in touch with fellow music therapists, particularly Singaporeans based locally OR overseas, AND foreign music therapists based locally. Drop us a line!

We can also be found on http://singaporemusictherapy.page.tl/.

We welcome professional music therapists who are practising to join us as professional members, and students majoring in  music therapy to join as student members. We are looking into opening up other membership categories so please watch this page. Please see membership application form here.

Thank you for your interest in Music Therapy. We look forward to having you onboard!

Ng, W.F. (October, 2011)

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  1. Hi,

    Am a social worker working in a nursing home for about 3 years. I have specialised in the area of Gerontology and am very interested to work with the elderly persons or persons challenged by physical disability. Am also a part time piano teacher for 7 years (holding LTCL). Have read quite a few articles on how music therapy could be carried out to help elderly persons suffering from dementia cope better with their symptoms and got very interested in this area of therapeutic work. I have recently applied to University of Queensland (UQ) for Master of Music Therapy and am still waiting for their conditional offer.

    As the course is rather costly, i would like to enquire (trying to exhaust all possibilities here) whether are there any organisations in Singapore who would sponsor future students in this area of study and provide them with a bond when they return from their studies (hoping to get proper mentoring upon return)? I am currently looking into NCSS scholarships (but may be bonded back to my current agency, which i don’t intend to as I don’t see myself growing with this organisation *oops*) and the scholarships provided by UQ. I would like to seek more advice from established / experienced people like you all on this matter and study related issues.

    Hope to hear from you.


  2. Hi!

    Working in a preschool and is keen to pursue specialisation in an area that can help children with special needs. Music therapy is one area that I would like to explore. Unfortunately, I have no formal training in music. I hold an honours degree in Applied Science and diploma in preschool teaching only. Is there any organisation that I can apply to take up professional training in music therapy? Please advise. thanks!

  3. Hi!

    Ever since I heard about Music Therapy I have been very very interested! It seems to be an area of high potential and I bet it is a meaningful career! Too bad professional training is not available in Singapore… Or is there already at time of writing? Could you tell me more about the pre-requisites as well as the career options available for music therapists in Singapore?

    Best Wishes, SK

    • Hi Ruijie, thanks for your interest in music therapy. Professional training is not yet available in Singapore, but we hope that in the near future, this will be possible! As for pre-requisite to be a music therapist: must have formal music training (need to audition with principal instrument); be genuinely interested in helping people; be patient; be creative; etc. The job of a music therapist is gruelling in many ways, therefore one should be resilient physically and psychologically. Please read the “MT in Singapore” page – it gives a good idea about the career options currently available. Since MT still remains an emerging profession in Singapore, there are still many possibilities to be explored! Do check out the workshops offered by AMTS members for more information. Best, WF

  4. Congratulations on starting a successful AMTS! It’s wonderful that you’re raising awareness of music therapy in Singapore.

  5. I just wanted to say well done! I’m glad there’s such an association. The things music can do for people is wonderful.

    Thank you for doing what you do and keep working hard! I wish you all the best.

  6. Hi!

    I’m currently a Yamaha Music Teacher and am interested in pursuing a career in Music Therapy; particularly after I’ve taught a few autistic children.

    I have recognized music certificates/qualifications; however, I believe I need to receive professional training in order to become a music therapist. Is there any courses I can attend? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!


    • Dear Glennis,

      Thanks for your interest in Music Therapy! Yes indeed, you need to receive professional MT training in order to practise Music Therapy. The SGH-Postgraduate Allied Health Institute has plans to introduce Singapore’s first music therapy equivalency course some time this year. Please email Ms Tan Hui Linn at for more details. Otherwise, you will have to look at overseas training, e.g. Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. We will also post updates on our blog. Do contact us again if you have further queries.

      best wishes,
      Ng Wang Feng, MMT, MT-BC
      on behalf of AMTS

  7. Hi,
    I’m currently living in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I’m a single mum, doing my degree in music & psychology. I’d absolutely love to do my MA in Musical Therapy – we have none over here and I think it would be amazing to do over here. However, I’m having serious problem finding somewhere that would do the MA overseas – I can’t move away because of my children, and also lack of money. I really am so desperate to find somewhere – could anyone suggest something please?

    • Hi Emma,
      Great to hear of your interest in MT. Have you tried contacting the British Society of Music Therapy? Perhaps they can offer you more pertinent advice. Best wishes.

      Ng Wang Feng, MMT, MT-BC

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