Great way to end the year…

Season’s Greetings from AMTS!

It’s that time of the year again: to reflect, rejoice in the difference we have made in lives around us, move on from mistakes and learn from them, take stock of what needs to be done in the new year, and finally, curl up in front of the tv and watch the good old New Year movies with family…

I think we have a great way to end the year here as well! Announcing the soft publication of our AMTS newsletter Music Therapy Times!! MTT Issue 03 is freshly baked and ready to be served online. Please check it out on the AMTS Newsletter page (it’s the first link on the right column).

And announcing AMTS’ 2nd exco: President – Melanie Kwan; Secretary – Germaine Yong; Treasurer – Ng Wang Feng. I thank the 1st exco for their service from our founding till 2010 (Secretary- Melanie Kwan; Treasurer – Loi Wei Ming).

Thank you, friends, sponsors, partners, and colleagues, for your support the past year. Keep the comments and queries coming! We at AMTS hope we have been of service, and will continue to work on raising the awareness of Music Therapy in the community.

peace sincerely,

Wang Feng (Out-going AMTS President 2007-2010)


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