Registry of AMTS’ Professional Members

New video from the World Federation of Music Therapy:

(6 July 2010) More about Music Therapy

Our professional members trained in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and New Zealand (listed according to last name in alphabetical order). You may contact us at or the members directly:

Chen Hsuehlien, MME (USA)

Pamela Fisher, BA (Music), Graduate Diploma of Creative Music Therapy (Australia)

Clara Chong, PG Dip MT, Registered Member of APMT (U.K.)

Choi Hee Chan, BM (Perf), MMT (New Zealand)

Gurpreet Kaur Kalsi, PG Dip MT, Registered Member of APMT (U.K.)

David Khlentzos, BMus (MT), RMT (Australia)

Melanie Kwan, MMT, LCAT, NMT, NICU-MT, MT-BC, AMTA professional member (USA)

Jenny Lee, MMusTherapy (New Zealand), NMT

Loi Wei Ming, PG Dip MT (ARU/Cambridge), NMT, Registered Member of APMT (U.K.)

Ng Wang Feng, MMT, MT-BC, AMTA professional member (USA)

Audrey Ruyters, BA (Hons), Dip. M.Th (GSMD/York) (U.K.)

Charissa Tan, MA (MT), MT-BC, AMTA professional member (USA)

Patsy Tan, Ph.D, MT-BC, NMT, NICU-MT, AMTA professional member (USA)

Germaine Yong, Master of CMT, RMT (Australia)


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