Common misconceptions about music therapy?

Misconception 1: Music therapy is about listening to music.

Clarification 1: Listening to music is only one of the many techniques used in music therapy.


Misconception 2: There is specific “over the counter” music Rx.

Clarification 2: “Over the counter” music Rx is an idealogy that has yet to be proven.


Misconception 3: The patient needs to have some level of music ability in order to benefit from music therapy.

Clarification 3: Nope! One does not need to have prior musical training in order to benefit from music therapy.


Misconception 4: Classical music is more therapeutic than any other styles of music.

Clarification 4: All styles of music can be useful. Individual’s preferences, circumstances for treatment and patient’s goals help determine the types of music that music therapists may use.


Misconception 5: One can be completely cured upon receiving music.

Clarification 5: Not everybody can see significant improvement in short period of time. Besides, music therapy is not a cure-all. It is a behavioral science, i.e. it seeks to change the behavior of the client so that maladaptive ways of coping brought about by unwanted, uncomfortable and unhappy conditions can be replaced with more adaptive behavior.



* Author: Tan, L. P. (2007)



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